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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Guatemala and Canada

Guatemala and Canada

When I first started writing this blog way back then it was to let people now what I liked about Guatemala and to maybe have them experience what I have experienced in Guatemala.


I did that and and experienced a rush of people from all over the world wanting to know more about this enchanted country. Guatemala is a special place. It took my heart, it was my quest and thus my blog became heartquest.

Most people, the Guatemalans and sometimes people from the USA that  I meet and experience here think I am an american. Well I am in the sense that,America is a continent (not a country as some people wrongly think) and I live on that continent.


The actual country on the continent of North America that I am live in, is called Canada. It's the big one just north of the USA.


We are actually the largest country after China on planet earth.... so here is a very BIG link...


That aside, our population is very small for such an expanse of land.

Some history...

Canada is what is called a constitutional monarchy. The top person in charge of the the country of Canada is voted in and that person is a Prime Minister (not a president), while yes Queen Elizabeth the Second is our head of state. A governor general represents the queen in parliament.

Etc bla bla bla...

Unlike the USA we have more than one party that can be elected and become the leading and ruling party of Canada. In the last election there where several parties wanting to be elected. We had the New Democratic Party, the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party. There where also smaller parties such as the the Green Party but in reality it was only three main ones that that had any chance of success.

The Liberal Party who's platform was change won the last election.


In Canada the term of office for any party in charge is four years. But that party if it remains a favourite of the people can have as many successions of that four year term as possible. There is no limit in Canada like there is in the USA (two terms of four years) and Guatemala (one term of four years) so in Canada a party could in theory remain in power forever.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is our current leader of the Liberal Party in Canada. His platform was change and change to happen for the good of all Canadians.


In part of that change his cabinet has an equal number of men and women (a first ever) in it. Also for the first time two members of the first nation people are on his cabinet, giving them a strong visible representation.

We call the first people that settled here in Canada "first Nation people" not Indians. After-all
Indians come from India not from here... and the only Indians in Canada now well they immigrated to Canada from India, didn't they?


All of this makes me think that some of the people that wrote the history of the early days where not that educated... and the anyone that thinks the same way today, well ditto.

Meanwhile back to the main topic...

Canada through one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's promises is allowing refugees from war torn Syria to be settled into Canada. He is doing that and many have already settled into a new life in Canada. From my prospective and from similar moves that happened in the past all these people will become solid deeply involved in the future of Canada.


Back once more to that main topic... Canada... ah I get distracted so easily.

Well... Canada has ten provinces.

And Canada also has three territories.

I, yes well I was not born in Canada. I was born in a small country in the United Kingdom called Wales.


The language of Wales is Welsh, not English, although English is spoken there as well.


In the country of  Wales (Cymru), the language Welsh (Cymrieg) is now officially and a compulsory language in the school system. Where I was born in Wales (north Wales) you must speak that language Cymrieg in school and in business first and English as a second language.


So what happened next then?

Well what happened next was that after being in Wales for almost ten of my first years on planet earth.. well...

Everything changed...


My father, my mother, my young brother and my sister.. and along with me, well we all got on a huge ocean liner and sailed across the North Atlantic, got a little seasick along the way and yes immigrating into Canada.


It was a long journey and back then the only way to travel.

Foolishly I have done that twice since, crossing the North Atlantic Ocean, yes and getting seasick on a steam ship. The last time I crossed the north Atlantic Ocean we ended up on the tail end of a hurricane. I will never do that again, nor should anyone else, unless you like hurricanes at sea.

HOG TOWN (Toronto)


My family all settled in Ontario (one of the ten provinces of Canada) and are still there. My father was a minister of the church and had found a Welsh United church in Toronto that needed a Welsh speaking minister. He was set up pretty good there and had a very good life in Toronto. The church is still there and is called Dewi Sant Welsh United Church and is the only Welsh church in Canada. http://www.dewisant.com/

I grew up in Ontario, namely the city of Toronto... 


Then well I had itchy feet for travel it seemed and thus I did and traveled and lived and worked in five of the ten provinces and one of the three territories. So while I am not an expert, I do know and understand a great deal about Canada.

The ten provinces are (from east to west)...

Newfoundland; Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island; Quebec; Ontario. Manitoba; Saskatchewan; Alberta; and British Columbia. 


The three territories are Northwest Territories; Nunavut; Yukon. In 1999 a part o the Northwest Territories was separated to form Nunavut.


I have worked and lived in Quebec (a summer); Ontario (many years, growing up there); Manitoba (a winter..brrr); Alberta (several years) and presently I call British Columbia home.

I also lived in Yukon one of the three territories. Yukon is known as the land of the midnight sun and for part of the summer the sun never sets in the far north of Yukon anyway. Then of course for part of the winter the sun never rises.


I live now on the west coast of British Columbia on an island called Vancouver Island. It is about a three hour ferry ride, or a twenty minute float plane flying experience, to the city of Vancouver.



I have been down into Guatemala five times (and my espanol should be better). My problem is that I write in English and a lot. I write a blog, well more than one, but one is the main blog.


I have also written some stories, books even.  I wrote a screenplay (Clowns) and then wrote the treatment for it with the intent of selling it. But if I can have my way (hope, hope) I would like to produce that myself.

I also wore a musical based on some Latin music. It was originally written for the Tango, but then I changed it for the Salsa. I also wrote two other stories, both period pieces, one set in 18th century North America and the other set in 11th century Wales.

I also have the background and story-line for something called Back Stabbers a project that I am also working on which is partly based on true events.
My main fictional work that I am presently toiling on is an action, adventure,romance story which is nearing completion. I will publish that one first, most likely within the next few months


Living in Canada on a Canadian pension is impossible without working at least part time somewhere. I do that when I am there in Canada or I work seasonally sometimes.

I can though live very well in Guatemala on my pension even with the weaker Canadian dollar.

The problem with that is that when one gets older, we like to be closer to family and they are all in Ontario, Canada aren't they?  Another move coming?

In the meantime, writing stories is my outlet, is my part-time work, possible my seasonal work as well and is my way of subsidizing my pension monies.

It works.
so off to work, I have much to accomplish...

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Back Stabbers


I believe that truth will set is all free.

Let me tell you a little story.
I live in Canada and from time to time, a lot it seems, I travel down to Guatemala and when there I help people in whatever way I can. 

That could be helping with money, with giving someone a bed when they have no place to sleep, giving someone a better chance at a new life by putting someone through school. 

It could also mean helping with something as simple as fixing their shower, doing some electrical work, teaching someone to drive, helping out with housing construction projects, helping out with ideas and new ways to do things.

It works. 

It works because the people I help well they become better off from my actions and it is better for me, because it makes me feel really great.

Whenever I live in Guatemala, I seem to collect things. Things being furniture, kitchen equipment, appliances, tools (to fix and help people with). 

Some of these things I use to make my life easier and others things, I use to repair things and other things I have to be able I to give away to people that needs these things.

I am not a rich man and I live on a pension when in Guatemala. 

I cannot afford to keep getting new things every-time I am in Guatemala, so then I was offered a free place to keep everything I had collected.  

This was from some people I had met and they where from Texas. They where running a parking lot in Guatemala, which is another story altogether

At the time I was very happy to accept their very kind offer.


At the time I did not know about their illegal activities. 

But what I found out later was pretty horrible as they where involved in some despicable things that involved 



human trafficking
(The latter I feel is a rumour... but knowing them now it could be true).

But as I said, at the time all I knew is that they had a place that was being offered to me and it was (free) to store my things in, for as long as I wanted. 
I suppose looking back I should looked closer at what they where really doing.

Then something terrible happened

When I arrived back in Guatemala, they had either given away or thrown out all my belonging. 

It wasn't a lot as far as money goes, maybe 20,000 Quetzals or about $4000 CAD, but it was things I needed to assist me in helping people. 

The only explanation I got was that I had bad mouthed them to strangers. 

This is of course was totally untrue

Why on earth would I ever do that? 

I was in the business of helping not hurting people. I knew that for some reason, someone I knew or knew them had.... Back Stabbed me

So can I forgive them for their misguided actions? 

To be truthful, I am having a difficult time doing that, but I am trying. 

When it first happened, I felt like giving them a taste of their own medicine but I am not a person that is violent or into vengeance.

But then I thought that something needs to happen

So I have decided to tell the truth, the whole truth and allow everyone reading these words to be the  judge

I will not do it here, this blog is not the place for that kind of activity. 

So I have decided to put together a book that I will publish online, an eBook. Proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards helping people. 

I call the book Back Stabbers.