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Friday, 4 April 2014

Drugs.... be careful


Drugs of every kind imaginable illegal or legal are of course available in Guatemala.

They are really available everywhere.. in the world if you want them.

Please do not get me wrong here.... I am not here to agree (or disagree) with drug useage. Trafficking is widespread and yes dangers exist here or elsewhere in the world.
Buyer beware.

But getting caught with drugs in your possession for a foreigner is really bad news. It is way worse than in Canada or Europe or the USA where the availability has been governed by decriminalization in many areas.

In Guatemala they take a dim view of people from other countries using drugs in Guatemala. Using something as simple as weed is really bad for us. For the Guatemalan people themselves, they might get a slap on the wrist.

So forget it.. and forget the embassy of whatever country you are from, your embassy is not going to be helping you. Forget it for that is just NOT going to happen. What is going to happen to you is that you will be stuck in a very uncomfortable place for a long time.

Yes you will going to jail.

Guatemala you see works under French rule. 
With French rule you are considered guilty till proven innocent. Not the other way around.

Dealing drugs in Guatemala is really a bad thing for you to do and if caught you will go to jail. You will go to jail and for a very long time.

Jail time will involve a very uncomfortable experience for you. Forget exercise rooms and big colour TV's, or even an outside exercise area. Forget about your rights as human being, because you won't have any. In your cramped crowded jail cell, which depending where they send you will be either cold or clammy, certainly bug ridden and crowded. You will not have anything, resembling comfort or safety. Yes extra comfort can come from your bank account. With money you can spend a better time in jail. You may not have to work, You may have a blanket at night. With money you may have an opportunity to have a woman visit you.

The only thing you will not have is freedom to leave or be bothered of being taken advantage of or beaten up my other cell mates. They will steal from you at every opportunity and take everything you have.

I have never been to jail, in Guatemala or anywhere else. But yes I have spoken to people that have been incarcerated in Guatemala and in other Latin American countries. My accounts here come from the many stories and desperation these people have experienced.

So the advise here is, don't get caught or better still just stay clean.

Buyer beware... the consequences of getting caught far outways the simple pleasures derived.