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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Retire in Guatemala....IT JUST GOT A WHOLE LOT BETTER


Just imagine retiring in a country with no winter. 
Guatemala has two season, that dry one and that wet one.
It has several geographical zones from the temperate Highlands to the tropical coasts

Retire in Guatemala??
Well NOW You Can!!!!

Why not..

 NOW... It is so possible 
And at 
Less than half the price or either 
Costa Rica or Belize

Now is the best time to be here. If you are thinking of retirement..... well yes why not RETIRE right here in GUATEMALA.

The recession has actually lowered real estate and rental prices.

A downside in any economy is never good news
but for you a retiree, it will mean 

Incredible savings,

Incredible opportunities

An incredible chance to retire in a lifestyle you have always wanted. Check out Expats exchange  http://www.expatexchange.com .

People always shy away from Guatemala. People always think that Guatemala is a dangerous and unstable country to be in, let alone retire in. People listen to gossip. Gossip that usually comes from someone that has never been to Guatemala. I am here and know and see this gossip and am appalled when I read this nonsense.

Did you know that there is more violence in the city of 
Los Angeles than in all Mexico and Guatemala put together

Yet no one ever says.... do NOT go to Los Angeles. 


Why, because people listen to the wrong people. It is just easier to do that... and sometimes people feel they believe in what they think is the truth.

I have been in Guatemala now on five extended trips and I can guarantee you that it is as safe, if not safer than most places in the world.

Most of my true friends are Guatemalan. 
My connections are with the Guatemalan people. 
That is what makes this opportunity that I can offer you so rewarding for you. 

It is important who you know in any country. 
It is important that you have a reputable person who will work with you to show you the opportunities.

I have the contacts, the legal people the resources to make this work for you.

So please set aside all those rumors and all that wrong information.  

The time is right. 
The opportunity is right

can make this 
work for you.

never got so easy

You may never get another chance 

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