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Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Dental Tourism

So what exactly is Dental Tourism?

Dental Tourism is basically traveling to another country and having your dental procedures done and yes being able to afford having a free luxury holiday to pamper you in the process.

Many years ago I was told by my dentist... .. 

"Go to Mexico, you can't afford me."

He was right of course, I couldn't afford him. 
I couldn't afford him because as a retired Canadian gentleman, that lived on a fixed income, I just plain did not have the added cash needed to fix my teeth in Canada. 

Hello I would like to introduce you to the many benefits of getting all your dental work done at incredible savings in Guatemala and yes also having that dream holiday.

Today in Canada if you do not have a good dental plan, well the cost of getting your teeth fixed or having an improved look (cosmetic surgery) well the costs are out of this world. Prohibitive for a lot of people.

Let me tell you a story (it won't be be too long). 

Well a couple of years ago I was in Guatemala learning some Spanish. I went there to Guatemala to learn Spanish because it is a lot cheaper and yes a lot easier to learn Spanish in Guatemala than in any other Latin American country. Believe me I checked every other country in Central America and even in Mexico which is part of North America.

I was at the time staying in a city called Quetzaltenango or Xela (shay-la) as the locals call it. Xela is located in the western highlands. Situated at an elevation of 2330 metres (7600 ft) well it is high enough that most bugs cannot exist. The weather there is probable the most perfect anywhere in the world. High elevation means no humidity just nice dry air.  

Then one day I had this horrible excruciating pain in my mouth... didn't I?"

I needed a dentist and I needed a dentist fast, didn't I? 

Getting remedies to fix pain is easy. You just visit a local pharmacy and tell them what you want (in Spanish) and you can get all sorts of painkillers and anti-inflammatory pills.

But of course that is just a quick fix and I needed to know what was wrong and what could be done to fix it properly.  

What I did not know at the time is that I needed a root canal done. Canada was way too far away to fly back for that and Canada was also far too expensive for me to afford that in Canada anyway.

So what could I do? What did I do? 

Well I painfully, that toothache remember, searched the city I was staying in for a dentist. Yes, found an excellent dental service and close to where I lived right in Xela. 

Now comes that part that shocked me.

Cost of the consultation - $18.00 and that included x rays.

Cost of the root canal - $ 100.00
(and he brought in a specialist to do the root itself).

I was first Xrayed with the results happening digitally right there on a laptop for me to see right before my eyes. It was explained to me in detail (the dentist spoke perfect English) what was going to happen next.

He first gave me a series of strong antibiotics to get the inflammation down and lessen the pain. Arrangements were made for me to visit in a few days. The total time for the whole procedure just took two visits and a final one later to check if everything was alright . 

During this period of time when I was having the dental work done, I was in contact with a friend of mine in Canada. My friend wanted to know much implants and a new set of dentures would be for her.

Get this unbelievable amount...yes...

Cost of four implants and an appliance $2700.00

Can you believe that, amazing  eh!!! It would cost at the minimum ten times that amount in Canada or in the USA. At least $25,000.

This is all done with state of the art equipment and materials and procedures. 

Most dentists that practice in Guatemala take local training in Guatemala which is excellent apparently and then additional training in either Mexico, Cuba or The United States. So the very best dentists in Guatemala are all really well trained.

So the reason I am sharing this with you is that I want you to experience what Guatemala can offer you. Inexpensive dental procedures. Beautiful exotic scenery and a kind and loving people. 

First off let's get show a few facts. Guatemala is safe. They had a civil war here yes, instigated and perpetuated by the CIA and the government of the USA, but that all ended in 1996. So travel to Guatemala and in Guatemala is just as safe there as anywhere else. 

The facts speak for themselves as there is more crime in the city of Los Angeles in the USA than in all of Mexico and Guatemala put together. And does anyone say do not go to Los Angeles as it is not safe there? No never!

Guatemala is truly amazing. And I want you to experience the best and most incredible savings you can ever have, by choosing a fully trained dental surgeon in Guatemala.

I have been traveling to Guatemala several times now, so know my way around. While I should be fluent in speaking espanol, I am not... but yes I do speak enough to get buy with, to ask directions, to book a room, to move about easily... a little bit of helps a lot. More importantly though what I have and can also offer you are some really great, reliable contacts in transportation and accommodation and in excellent dental clinics in Guatemala.

What I can offer you is the chance for you to save thousands of dollars ($$$) while getting your smile back and your teeth done with professionally trained dentists, and in the process having a nice place to live, where to eat and to play and so much more for you to experience. Xela while cool at night is (great for sleeping) and has a wonderfully warm temperature during the day. 

I want you to share with you all the fantastic cost savings for you...

Have you save money ($$$).

Getting dental work done in Guatemala could never be easier. 

Imagine getting needed dental procedures or cosmetic work done at a fraction of the cost of what is would cost in Canada or the USA. 

Yes that's right. 
In Guatemala the cost of dental work is 10 % of the comparable cost in Canada or the USA. 

I do not know about you (the reader) but I never want to spend my years looking like someone who cannot afford dental work done. 

I do not want to walk about with a sagging and gaping smile... with huge spaces or worse still with no teeth at all in my mouth. 
I enjoy eating too much... so no teeth would be a yuck (gummy) situation! 


Dental Tourism

Lets just imagine you need some dental work done on your teeth.

For argument sake lets say the cost in Canada or the United States is going to be $40,000.00.

Well that same cost, for the same work done, for the same qualified dentists and the same appliances is going to be a mere, yes just 10 percent of that same quality work and yes only $4,000.00. A huge difference of $36,000 dollar saving for you.

I bet you can have a great holiday anywhere for a lot less than the saving of $36,000.


So just Imagine 

The return flight from anywhere in Canada or the USA to Guatemala city... 
All ground transportation while in Guatemala..
All your accommodation...
Great food and dining out... (after your teeth are fixed)
Being pampered and having fun ...
Plus a few days holiday in one of the many towns that surround Lago Atitlan...
A must visit to the beautiful city of Antigua... 

All for Free

Yes that's basically right as all of this is basically free when you consider the cost difference in savings of having your teeth fixed for so very little...

$40,000 minus $4000, minus the trip costs (approx $3000 to $4000).

What a saving... and I can help you get that.
Yes and I can help you save thousand of $$$.

What are you waiting for?
Lets get that smile back.

Want to know more contact me....<gavjonessm@gmail.com>