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Friday, 5 August 2011


I am looking for people that are Angels

I ask "Angels Wanted".. and people always ask me what do I mean? As in  what is an angel?

It is a fair question and yes one that deserves a fair answer.

An Angel is a person that wishes to be involved in assisting a project. This could be anything from donating funds, to providing marketing assistance, to promotions, to book keeping, to arranging trips, to just talking to everyone they know about a certain project.

An Angel is someone that gives their time and talent and energies to better the lives of someone else.  Angels asks for nothing in return. Angels understands the true meaning of love. 

Angels give love without conditions.

When I was in Guatemala last year I met several people all with similar if not the same passion I have and that is to give back. To provide for instance housing for people that cannot afford housing. While there are several groups doing that in Guatemala, what I/we want to accomplish is a little different.
Some well known organizations provide housing opportunities, but it is not for free. Someone pays that mortgage, or someone is responsible for that bank loan, someone provides that labour. Some organizations will only deal with people that have titled land. 

What about those that have no land holdings?

Who will care for them?
Who will love them enough to provide a home for them?

 Angels Wanted

I went to Guatemala 
to learn a language. 
What happened instead 
is that I found
my heart.

The experience
of being in Guatemala 
changed me
for the better 

Angels Wanted

Angels wanted... Yes I am looking for people, very special people. They are Angels, people who have a need to give back, to help in some way. 

Guatemala a hidden gem in Central America is the poorest country next to Haiti in the region. As in any developing country, there is no plan for any future as the struggle just to survive is a survival for a now. Survival is that basic need.   

Angels wanted
Many people do not have a home, or if they do it is not a safe one. Safe in a country that sits on eight fault lines.

 The plan I have will enable safe housing for those that cannot afford housing.

There are many groups that do this in Guatemala.They build cheaply constructed houses out of cinder block just like they built houses in Haiti.

Angels Wanted

I want to find Angels to help me build SAFE housing.

While in Guatemala I was blessed with meeting several professional people that all share my same vision. I call these people Angels.

Help us Help the People
Angels Wanted

We are presently in the planning stages setting into place an NGO that will handle this seemingly immense project. Land is being sought out in areas where housing need is critical. Support is always ongoing. 

Under this umbrella of hope and with your support, the realization of this project will go from a dream to help, to the warmth and comfort of love that a home can supply.

Angels wanted.. please help.


Monday, 1 August 2011


Escape the rat race?
The economy?
Just traveling?

Want to have a different experience?

If you are considering an alternative living arrangement, that early retirement or just plain want to get away from it all.... please read on.

Guatemala land of eternal spring is truly a hidden gem in Central America that could be perfect for you. 

 Hola, mi nombre es Gavin
 (Hello my name is Gavin)
  En Guatemala se me conoce como Gavino
 (In Guatemala I am known as Gavino)  

I am here to help you....
and while a lot of other people might say that to you, I am actually in Guatemala. 

I have all the right stuff and the right contacts that will allow you to retire and/or live in a style of comfort that you will easily become accustom to. 

Everyone has their different lifestyle and needs... and while that determines your costs and budgets is is possible to live a decent, relaxing life on a lot less than most people are accustomed to...

  As a couple
Just imagine living on less than
$1200.00 per month

As a single person
Imagine living on less than
$600.00 per month
Just imagine that.

Being able to live a comfortable lifestyle on less than $1200 per month (for a couple)

This amount would cover all your living costs in a furnished complex with everything you need in it, including TV and High Speed Internet. 

Most gated complexes come with maid services and 24 hour security. 

Now that $1200 a month for two people would include all housing, food and your basic transportation. 

I know that it all sounds so unbelievable. 

The fact is it is not!!

It is an actuality!!

The fact is that a lot of people are able to live on a lot less and still enjoy a great lifestyle.

I am here to assist you

To show you how 

I am here to show you the options and the choices available that will enhance your living experience at incredible inexpensive costs.

What I have to offer you is invaluable information and those special contacts and a knowledge of a lifestyle that could be yours.

I am not a tour guide...but can put you in contact with the best Guatemalan tour people. 

I am not a real estate person...  but again can introduce you to people like this. 

I am not a rental agent... and nor do I benefit from your choices of living. 


When I first arrived in Guatemala it was to learn a language. I had no intention of staying in Guatemala or in calling it my home. I actually had no idea where Guatemala was...

When I am away I miss it... 

The experience of being in Guatemala changed me, changed me for the better...

The experience allowed me to see and understand what is really important in life...


I am a 
Retirement Consultant

I am here to assist you
to show you options

You make all the decisions not me... I will just guide you...

You make up your own list of places you would like to visit and whatever else you want to see and experience on your trip into Guatemala... 

I will make all the arrangements for you ...

meeting you at the airport 
arranging your comfortable transportation 
advising you
look after your needs 
to make it so easy for you 

Imagine living in a tropical paradise, the sounds of the ocean lapping on the shores. 

Guatemala has two coastlines.
The smaller Atlantic with its lazy sun drenched lifestyle. 
The Pacific with long black sand beaches and waves that attract that surfing set. 

Perhaps you would prefer the peaceful tranquility of Lago Atitlan rimmed with cone shaped mountains and quaint Maya villages. 

Then there are the rolling hills and mountains of the western Highlands. So many options.

Whatever you want, I can assist you with the right choices, the right options for you.

I have such wonderful contacts and people that I trust. 

Professional people all available for your benefit. 

Moving to paradise should be non-stressful. 

I am here to help you and to allow any transition you need, to be an easy one.

Living in paradise should be inexpensive.... or cheap...

for less than a
 $1200 per month 
per couple

for less than
 single person

Allow me to show you 
a better way.. 
join me...

Here in Guatemala

Time to stop thing.... time for action and the rest will just fall into place...