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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Immigration "GET TO CANADA NOW"

 Immigration to Canada.

Update: In Canada we have a new prime minister. With this new liberal government a lot of changes have happened. A lot of changes have happened for people wanting to immigrate into Canada.

While the process is much more simpler now, the only real hurdle to overcome is the economy of Canada. With the drop in oil prices, our dollar has also dropped in value. A drop in the value of the Canadian dollar, means several things. In some areas of Canada it has produced unemployment that is very high.

Yes we recently allowed 25,000 Syrian refugees entry into Canada. This was a wonderful humanitarian gesture. More projects like this will follow. But there are many Canadians already living in Canada that have no work. The problem is always the same. The trade unions will stop or try to stop new immigrants from coming to Canada. They are protecting the people already here. 

So people wishing to come to Canada Now, have to have the patience to wait. To wait until the economy of Canada is better. 

You can do all of this by yourself. You not need me. 

Good luck and please have patience.

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